Stephanie Brinkerhoff is a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in bridal work and up-styling.  Her hairstyles are recognized worldwide, both in print and online, in the bridal industry and the hair styling industry.  She is the resident bridal expert for, and has been featured on several other websites including Glamour and Martha Stewart Weddings.   This year she was on the cover of Behind the Chair on Paper, and her work can be found in print in several other magazines including People StyleWatch and Brides Magazine.
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Upcoming Events
ABS in Chicago, March 23rd.

In-Salon Training

Stephanie teaches hair styling workshops in Utah, as well as in salons worldwide. She offers both group workshops and one-on-one courses.  Her educational approach is simple and down-to-earth, making even the beginner stylist feel comfortable with their skill level.  Each workshop is tailored and customized to the specific needs of the students, making each class unique.

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