How To: Half Up Bridal Style

August 26, 2016
Video step by step for a formal half up style using the GHD Soft Curl Iron.  How gorgeous is her hair?!?  And it's her natural color!

 1 - Begin by curling all of the hair with the GHD soft curl iron.  After the hair is curled, gently comb through individual curls to soften them.
2 - Add some hairspray through the ends of the curls to help add grip while you pin.  Starting in the center, pick up a small section of curls, loosely twist them once, and pin them in place.  Work out from this starting point to each side of the face.
3 - Continue working towards the face until you have enough hair pinned up, based on their face shape.  Pick up some loose ends and loop them and pin them in the back, creating a little more interest to the base section.