How To: Intricate Side Braid

May 12, 2016
Tutorial for an intricate side braid prepped using the GHD Soft Curve Iron.

 1 - Begin by prepping the hair.  Curl the hair with the GHD Soft Curve Iron.  Curl in opposite directions for added volume.  
2 - Run your fingers through the curls to soften them and make more of a wave. 
3 - Clip the top half of the hair aside for later.  Grab a small section of hair by the left ear, and a small section of hair by the right ear, then combine them together in a ponytail by the right ear.
4 - Flip the ponytail inside out, creating a topsy tail.
5 - Pull on the base sections of the ponytail to soften and loosen them, hiding the elastic.  
6 - Repeat steps 3-5 until you reach the end of the hair, creating a long braid on the side.
7 - Loop the end up loosely to add more volume.
8 - Let down the crown section (not including the sides) and do a fishtail braid down the back.
9-10 - Weave the fishtail braid in and out of the elastic braid to connect the two braids together by creating a hole with your fingers, pulling the braid through the hole, and then repeating that process, going up and down through the braid 2-3 times.  
11 - Let down both side sections and do small braids that meet together in the back.
12 - Combine both braids into one braid that goes down to the ends.  
13 - Softly loosen the braid with your fingers.
14 - Scrunch the braid up to the scalp and bobby pin in place, creating a messy bun.