Voluminous Curls with Alterna

February 29, 2016
Recently I tried some new Alterna hair products and I loooooved them.  My model, Avery, had insanely thick, heavy, long hair with almost no layering.  We both were SHOCKED at how much volume their Caviar Volume line created in her hair!  It was almost unbelievable.  Here is a quick how-to for getting the voluminous half up style we created on her.  

Step One - Wash and condition your hair with Alterna Caviar Volume Shampoo/Conditioner. While your hair is still damp, generously apply Alterna Miracle Volume Mist and Alterna Thick and Full Mousse.  
Step one is the most important step!!!!  These products will make all the difference in your end result, so be sure to use them all.

Step Two - Blow dry your hair upside down, to add volume to the roots.

Step Three - Once the hair is 95% dry, starting at the nape, take a horizontal section and wrap it around a round brush from the ends up to the roots.  Blow dry it on hot until it is completely dry, then blow dry it for a few seconds on cool.

Step Four - Clip the curled section in place with a flat clip to allow it to cool.  Repeat this step working through the entire head, working towards the top.  In the mohawk section, blow dry the roots vertically for added volume, and wrap the curls so they go away from the face.  

Step Five - Once all of the hair is clipped and set, lightly mist everything with Alterna Working Spray

Step Six - Take out the clips and run your fingers through your hair to soften and blend the curls.

Step Seven - Gently pick up the crown section and twist it together in the center back, securing with a bobby pin to create a simple half up style.