June 29, 2015
A couple of weeks ago I had my first destination wedding in Europe!  The bride, Taryn, was SO incredibly nice and easy going.  I wish all of my brides were like her, she made everything so fun. She got married on the little island of Capri, in Italy, and it was gorgeous.
We decided that we might as well make a big trip out of it, especially since it was over our 5 year anniversary, so we spent 10 days touring pretty much all of Italy.  I loooove (and I mean love) planning trips.  This time while I was planning our trip I used this travel planning app that lets you organize your itinerary and update/share it with everyone in your group.  We used it the whole time and it made our trip go so smoothly! Here are a bunch of pics from our trip.  You can read all about it and see exactly where we went and what we did on my iternary, if you are interested.

Can we go back, please?!