Braided Mohawk

April 27, 2015
This is a tutorial I made for   This is a hairstyle that works on not only long hair but medium length and shorter hair too.  Love her pink hair!

Get the steps below:

1 - Start with hair that is slightly wavy.
2 - Divide the hair into 4 sections - one on each side, the mohawk, and the back.
3 - Take down the mohawk and back sections and heavily backcomb all of the hair.
4 - Use your fingers and some spray wax to add texture to the hair.
5 -6- Starting at the hairline, do a french braid that goes down the back of the head.  Keep it loose in your hands so you don't loose the volume.
7-8 - Roll the end of the braid up and tuck it underneath to hide it.  Secure with bobby pins.
9 - Use your fingers to pull on sections of the braid, making it messy.  Add more spray wax if you want even more texture.
10 - Let down one side and do a normal three-strand braid going towards the back of the head.
11 - Wrap the hair low and tight around the back of the head.  S​​ecure the ends with bobby pins.
12 - Repeat on the opposite side.