How to Curl your Hair with the Flat Iron

March 25, 2014
A few years ago I made this tutorial for how to curl your hair with the flat iron.  Picture tutorials are great, but I thought it would be even more helpful to create a video tutorial for flat iron curls instead.

First things first, make sure you are trying to curl your hair with the right kind of flat iron.  Here are some things to look for - 
1 - Look for a skinny flat iron, one that is around 1 inch in diameter.
2 - Look for a flat iron with rounded edges.  
When you look down the barrel of the flat iron (similar to how you would look down the barrel of a gun), the closed flat iron should form a circle, not a rectangle or square.  A flat iron that is too square will create kinks.
3 - Look for a flat iron that gets somewhat hot on the outside of the plates as well.

You can curl with pretty much any flat iron, but a flat iron that meets these requirements will make your job a lot easier.

Learn how to create flat iron curls in the video below!