Repairing Damaged Hair

November 15, 2013
I've written several posts about taking care of your hair to prevent damage, but what do you do if your hair is already damaged?  Sometimes we have bad luck with a hair stylist, or a curling iron, and our hair gets fried.  Here are some things you can do to help restore your hair's health after it's already damaged.

1.  Invest in some good products.
There are products out there designed to protect your hair from damage, and products designed to restore hair's health after it's already been damaged.  Here are three of my favorites:

Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask
Hair masks are really beneficial because they penetrate the cuticle and heal the hair below the surface. This hair mask works.   It will renew hair strength and add moisture.  Apply to your hair after shampooing.  Leave on for 5-15 minutes and then rinse.  Can be used daily or weekly as needed.  
Pureology Essential Repair Instant Repair
Leave-in conditioners are also essential to repairing damaged hair.  Damaged hair breaks really easily, especially while styling.  Apply this leave-in conditioner before you blow dry to help detangle, reduce breakage, add softness and reduce the stress that is put on your hair.  

Moroccan Oil
If you haven't jumped on the Moroccan Oil train yet, now is the time.  This product is magic.  More than just a serum, it's full of strengthening proteins and shine-boosting vitamins. It will revitalize your hair.  Apply to wet or dry hair.  A little goes a long way.  

2.  Be gentle with it.  
As I mentioned before, damaged hair is extra fragile.  Avoid ripping through it when you shampoo and condition it.  Be gentle as you brush out tangles and blow dry.  Try to keep it brushed out and soft throughout the day.  Babying it a little will make a big difference.

2.  Get a treatment.
If you feel like your hair products aren't doing the trick, take it to the next level and ask for a hair treatment next time you get your hair done.  The two most common treatments for damaged hair are protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments.  Both of these are essential to restoring health to your hair.  Ask your stylist to recommend which would be best for you.  These treatments penetrate deep into the cuticle and add moisture and protein back into your hair.

3.  Get a haircut.
Some hair is so damaged that it's beyond repair.  Hopefully yours isn't at this point, but if it is, the best thing to do is cut some of it off.  Leaving those dead, broken ends will only encourage more splitting and breakage in your hair, not to mention make your hair look extra dry and brittle.  Even a small haircut will help your hair feel softer and healthier.

4.  Leave it alone.
The best thing I've found for damaged hair is just to leave it alone.  Style it and apply heat to it as little as possible. Experiment with your natural texture, wear a lot of head wraps and hats, put it in a braid, do anything you can to give it a break and let it recover.  


  1. Such great tips! My hair felt so dry and damaged I just decided to do a major cut and I'm so glad I did!

  2. The two most common treatments for damaged hair are protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments.

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  3. Very nice, thanks

  4. I love your blog! (Just so you know!!) Every time i'm on the internet and see your work I always give you credit and direct people to your page! You do amazing work and I love the tips and step by steps. I'm attempting to do the Souther Bell up-do tomorrow for a friend for the Marie Corps ball, have my fingers crossed! I'm guessing on the steps but any tips would be appreciated!

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  11. most of the cases all these damage hair causes due to dandruff , so its all ways good to cure dandruff and then we can focus on how to repair damaged hair with all the tips what to mentioned earlier in the above article.


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