October 2, 2013

How To: Wrap Around Braid

A little over a week ago I posted this picture of a hairstyle I did on myself for a fall dinner I went to:

A lot of people started asking me for a step-by-step, so I put one together for you! 

1.  Start with wavy or second day hair.  This type of curl (and the curl I wore to my fall dinner) is mostly natural curl with a few pieces on top curled with the flat iron (learn how to curl with a flat iron here).  

2.  Beginning on one side near your part, start an inverted french braid (also called a dutch braid).  I left out the front of my hair to soften the look around my face, but you can include your bangs in the braid if you'd like.   

3-4.  Continue to braid towards the back of your head, braiding more vertically on the sides, then more horizontally in the back.  

5.  Before you bobby pin, use one hand to hold the end of the braid while using the other hand to pull on and loosen individual sections.  The more you pull, the bigger your braid will get.  

6.  Once you're happy with how it looks, secure it with bobby pins on the opposite side, a few inches behind your ear.  

7.  Repeat steps 2-5 on the opposite side.

8-9.  This time, as you wrap the braid around the back of your head, carefully work your fingers up through the first braid so you can grab the end of the second braid, pulling it down through the hole.  

10.  Secure with bobby pins.  

What I used: