How to Fake Bigger Lips

October 19, 2013
One thing I always get is lip envy.  My lips are on the smaller side, and I'm always jealous of girls with full, pouty lips.  Luckily there are a few things you can do to fake bigger lips, without looking like a clown.   

1.  Start with a lip moisturizer.  Lips that are hydrated will automatically look fuller than lips in need of moisture.  I'm a sucker for Burts Bees.  
2.  Using a lip liner that matches your lip color, outline your lips just barely outside of your natural lip line.  Don't go out too far to avoid looking like a clown.  This lipliner is Subculture by MAC.
3.  Apply your lip color, blending out to the line you just created.  Avoid really dark lip colors, they can make your lips look smaller.  This color is Russian Red by MAC.
4.  Apply a highlight to the top of your lips.  This will highlight the ridge on the top of your lips, making them look like they have more of a pout.  This color is Hush by MAC.
5.  Finish with a gloss.  The extra shine in gloss will also help your lips look fuller.  This is Clear Lipglass by MAC.  

What I Used