Sarah Nightingale

October 30, 2013
Hair and makeup by Steph.
Photos by Ciara Richardson.
Flowers by Tinge Floral.
Backdrop artist/model - Sarah Nightingale
Cake - Pippa Cakery

Behind the Chair IX

October 28, 2013
Some brides from this summer/fall.

Best Heat Protecting Products

October 26, 2013
Protecting your hair from heat is all the rage these days, but some people wonder if it really makes a difference, and if so, what products actually work.  My opinion - YES, it does make a difference, and YES, there are some products that work better than others.  Here is my list of favorite heat protecting products that actually work.  

Favorite Heat Protecting Sprays - 
Redken Iron Silk 07 Ultra-Straightening Spray
How to use it:  
Spray on dry hair before you flat iron.  
Why I like it:  
Some thermal sprays that are used on dry hair can make your hair feel greasy.  What I like about this product is that it keeps hair frizz-free but also doesn't weigh it down or leave a residue. Instead it has a weightless, shiny finish, all while protecting your hair from heat.
Where to buy:
In salons.

Pureology Fortifying Heat Spray
How to use it:  
Spray on damp or dry hair before you style.  
Why I like it:
I like that you can use this product on damp or dry hair.  It helps protect your hair from heat damage while adding shine and control.
Where to buy:
In salons or at Ulta.

Favorite Heat Protecting Creams - 
Matrix Thermo Glide Express Blowout Cream
How to use it:
Apply to damp hair before you blow dry.  Focus primarily on the mid-shafts and ends.  
Why I like it:
This is a product I use on almost every client because it works well on all hair types.  It not only protects your hair from heat, but smooths and softens your hair, doubling as a styling lotion.
Where to buy:
In salons.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Spray
How to use it:  
Though it is a spray, I like to spray it into my hands and then apply it to my hair like a cream.  
Why I like it:  
This product protects your hair from heat up to 428 degrees, helps prevent breakage and leaves your ends looking healthier than they did before.  It instantly makes my hair feel refreshed, plus keeps it healthy.  A good product all around!
Where to buy:
In salons or at Ulta.

Favorite Heat Protecting Serums-
Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Serum
How to use it:
Apply to the ends on damp or dry hair.
Why I like it:
This serum is on the thick side, so I like it for thick and coarse hair.  A little goes a long way, so if you have thick hair this serum will last you longer than others.  It protects hair from heat up to 428 degrees an also speeds up drying time.  Plus it smells amazing.
Where to buy:
In salons.
How to use it:
Apply to damp or dry hair.  A little goes a long way.
Why I like it:
Moroccanoil really is worth all the hype.  It's more than just a serum, it protects your hair from heat and helps restore damaged hair.  It smells so good, and one bottle will last you forever, making the higher cost worth it.  This will leave your hair silky and soft but still bouncy.  One of my favorites.
Where to buy:
In salons.  

A Quick Liner Trick

October 23, 2013
Sometimes it's hard to have a steady hand while you do your eyeliner.  It can end up looking uneven, messy and too thick.  This is a quick fix I use to touch up my liner when I'm short on time but still want it to look good.  

1.  Apply your eyeliner as you normally would. 
2.  This is how my liner tends to look when I do it quickly, without touching it up.  Uneven and messy.
3.  Using a short angle brush, retrace over your liner with black eyeshadow.  The black eyeshadow will smooth out the edges, fill in any light spots and soften everything.  Wa-la!   

What I used:

Fighting the Awkward Stage

October 22, 2013
The hardest part about growing your hair out is that awkward in-between stage.  It's not quite short, not quite long, and seems to hit your shoulders in a weird way that makes it look frumpy.  I kept my hair short for the majority of my life. When I finally decided to grow it out after high school, here are a few things I did to help me resist the urge to chop it.

1.  Accept that short hair looks different from long hair.
This seems obvious, but believe it or not, this is easy to forget when you try to grow out your hair.   If you have always been used to short hair, long hair will feel weird at fist.  Some common things I hear from my clients are "It just doesn't have any shape"  "It needs more of a style"  "It feels blah"  "It has no volume".  Sound familiar?  Give it some time.  You will get used to it being longer and soon realize that it's just the difference between short and long hair that you have to get used to.  Don't mistake this for the desire to cut it off.  

2.  Curl it.
When I grew my hair out, I curled it almost every day when it was in the awkward stage.  Curls will add more volume and disguise any awkward layers.  If you are tempted to cut it off, try wearing it curly for a while to see if that helps.    Here are some step-by-steps for beach curls, flat iron curls and how to fake natural curl.  

3.  Get it shaped.
Growing your hair out doesn't mean you should stop getting it cut.  I recommend going in every 8 weeks just to have it "shaped".  This will keep the length but also keep the layers fresh.  Sometimes layers can grow out to different lengths, making your hair difficult to style.  Getting it shaped while you grow it out will help you feel like you still have an actual style, not just a grown out haircut.  

4.  Put it up.
I also put my hair up a lot when I was trying to grow it out.  The awkward stage is usually right when your hair starts hitting your shoulders, which is finally long enough to pin it up if you want to. Experiment with different ponytails, simple updos and braids.  The variety will help you enjoy your hair more.  This waterfall braid updo is great for medium length hair, as well as this braided headband updo.  

5.  Switch up the color or cut bangs.
If you need variety but don't want to cut it off, switch up the color or cut some bangs.  Bangs are a great way to give you a completely new look without taking off length.  As for color, avoid anything too drastic so you don't end up damaging it and ruining your progress.  Sometimes a little change with the color is all you need.  

How to Fake Bigger Lips

October 19, 2013
One thing I always get is lip envy.  My lips are on the smaller side, and I'm always jealous of girls with full, pouty lips.  Luckily there are a few things you can do to fake bigger lips, without looking like a clown.   

1.  Start with a lip moisturizer.  Lips that are hydrated will automatically look fuller than lips in need of moisture.  I'm a sucker for Burts Bees.  
2.  Using a lip liner that matches your lip color, outline your lips just barely outside of your natural lip line.  Don't go out too far to avoid looking like a clown.  This lipliner is Subculture by MAC.
3.  Apply your lip color, blending out to the line you just created.  Avoid really dark lip colors, they can make your lips look smaller.  This color is Russian Red by MAC.
4.  Apply a highlight to the top of your lips.  This will highlight the ridge on the top of your lips, making them look like they have more of a pout.  This color is Hush by MAC.
5.  Finish with a gloss.  The extra shine in gloss will also help your lips look fuller.  This is Clear Lipglass by MAC.  

What I Used