How To: Braided Headband Updo

September 25, 2013
In case you haven't noticed, I don't make tutorials during the summer.  My bridal work keeps me so busy that I never have time for my blog!  Things are finally slowing down, so I put together a new video tutorial for this braided headband updo.


What I used:  


  1. I've missed your tutorials so much! They're so well done and super helpful - I can actually do them!! So glad to see a new one!

  2. this is stunning, and oh so simple. love!

  3. I loved how simple it is to do. now try doing that on a 6 year old ha ha

  4. I love this! What kind of headband are you using? I've tried it and am having so much fun keeping my headband from slipping. Maybe it's too tight or something?

  5. I've been reading your past posts like crazy and so has my 10 year old niece. :)
    Great, now I feel bad about cutting my hair short that I can't style it this pretty anymore.

  6. I just found your blog and I'm in love! You have such cute hairstyles!!! I'm totally following you now:)


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