Fresh Flower Tips

March 25, 2013
In case you haven't noticed, wearing fresh flowers in your hair is already a huge trend for weddings this year.  I can't lie, I love this trend and wish I would have done it for my wedding!  A few things to keep in mind if you are considering wearing fresh flowers -

1 -  Never, ever spray anything on your flowers.  No hairspray, no perfume, nothing!  These products will only cause your flowers to wilt.  Spray your hairspray, perfume or whatever else you have before you put your flowers in.
2 - If you aren't have a floral accessory made by your florist, bring a glue gun and some hair clips to make a last minute hair accessory on your own.  
3- When cutting your flowers, leave some of the stem attached to make it easier to stick them in your hair or attach them to a hair clip. 
4-  To help keep them fresh, put in your flowers right before your ceremony begins.  Keep them in water in the refrigerator until you put them in.  

Hair and makeup by Steph
Photography by Amber Weimer
Florals by Janae Frazer
Model - Kat Frazier