December 27, 2012
Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Redwoods in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Of all the places I've been, the Redwoods is still one of my very favorite.  If you love being outdoors, put this on your bucket list.

While we were there, Ciara and I did photo shoot in Stout Grove.  I did a lot of research on which groves were the prettiest in the Redwoods, and this one did not disappoint.
Ciara Richardson Photography.
Bridal Adonrment: Lacielle Roselle.
Hair and makeup by Steph.

We started out our trip by camping next to the river at Klamath River RV park.  This place was unreal.  On one side of you there is a river that feeds into the ocean (seals would come up the river every morning) and on the other side of you there is a mountain of thick, foggy redwood trees.  Plus it was only a short walk down to the ocean.

We made our way up north, stopping at some amazing places along the way, including Fern canyon.  It was a photographers dream.

Eventually we made our way up into Southern Oregon where we stayed in a tree house hotel!  I went to Out-n-about Treesort when I was little, and I've been dying to go back ever since.  This place is so authentic, I almost couldn't believe how much it was in the middle of nowhere.  Nevertheless, our treehouse had electricity, heat, and a fully working toilet.  Pretty impressive!  They served us a delicious breakfast in their dining room in the morning.

Photos courtesy of my husband and Ciara Richardson.