November 13, 2012

Private Workshop II

Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach another private bridal hairstyling workshop to a stylist, Annie, from St. Louis.  Annie was awesome to work with, and so easy to talk to!  I love teaching these private classes.  It's always nice to work one-on-one with another stylist who shares the same interests I do.  Here are some pictures of the updos I created during the class.


  1. As always your hair styles are gorgeous! You are genius Steph! Can you explain how you do the very first style with braid and up-do? I am thinking doing it for my wedding, only my hair has volume but is quite thin. So will I be able to pull it off? Or extensions are advisable in such case? Thanks! Nano.

  2. These are beautiful! The last one is my favorite!!

    1. Exactly, these are really beautiful...and last one was gorgeous, I am going to share it in my Updo hhairstyle page ......Best Hair Salon NJ

  3. Beautiful work as always! I would love to be in a workshop and learn from you.

  4. Anonymous11/23/2012

    I love seeing all every style you post and trying to re-create them for church (since i have no where to go thats fancier than that). I have ridiculously think, really long hair--every stylist i've ever gone to always says i win the prize for the thickest hair they've ever worked on. It is similar to the 2nd updo in this post... my problem is, i have a hard time getting all of my hair to stay UP when i use nothing but bob-pins. I usually have to make some kind of bun-secured with an elastic-to attach the rest of the hair to. This makes it hard to attempt styles like the one above... which makes me sad. Do you have any tips/tricks to help my heavy hair to stay air-borne? I loved your post on tips for us thick hair'd gals, but i just wondered if you had anything else you'd be willing to share that's more specific to my problem. Thanks! -Rachel

  5. Your work is amazingly beautiful! I'd like to publish these images on my Updo Hairstyles fan page if you don't mind. Whether you make an updo hairstyle, all down or to the side, long or short, all those hair styles are too goooorgeous, I really amazed to see your wonderful work.
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