Phytomer Skin Care Giveaway

November 21, 2012
Thank you to everyone who entered to win the Ibiza brush set, and thanks to Ibiza for sponsoring it!   CONGRATS to ...

You are the winner of the Ibiza brush set!  
Please contact me within 48 hours to claim your prize.  

This week's giveaway is hosted by The Phytomer Group, an amazing line of high-end skin care products.   I was able to sample a lot of Phytomer's products, and LOVED them.  I immediately noticed a difference with how my skin felt and looked! 

Phytomer has offered to give away a skin care goody box filled with my favorite products, plus some extras, valued at $289.00, my biggest giveaway yet!  Here's what you get:

My favorite products - Phytomer Lip Plumping Duo, Vegetal Exfoliant, Youth Contour Eye and Lip Cream, and Souffle Marin
Plus a travel size Gentle Cleansing Milk, Rosée Visage and Thirst Relief Melting Cream, with an Oligomer bath sachet.  

1.  Follow Phytomer on Twitter.
2.  Do ONE of the following  -
    **If you have used Phytomer products, "like" their Facebook page here, and then comment on your favorite product.
**If you haven't used Phytomer products, "like" them on Facebook here, and then comment 
on what product you'd like to try.  You can view their products here.
3.  Follow this blog by clicking "join this site" or "follow by email"  in the sidebar.
4.  Leave a comment on this post with your first and last name.
**And for an extra entry, pin this contest to Pinterest.  (Be sure to mention in your comment if you do this.) 

Contest ends on Tuesday, November 27th, at midnight.
Contest valid in US only.

Get the promo code here to get 20% off  on Cyber Monday!


  1. I followed them on Twitter, liked them on Facebook, and pinned on Pinterest (Molly Howard De Baere). I have never tried their products before but I would love to try the Thirst Relief Melting Cream for my dry skin!

    Molly De Baere

  2. Following them on twitter, liked their FB page and commented, following you! I would love to try the Phytomer White Lumination Remineralizing Lightening Mask. It looks amazing!

    Kelsey Eaton

  3. Followed, liked, commented, and pinned. This is a wonderful opportunity! These products look great and I would love to try the exfoliant!

    Maren Hauglid

  4. Followed, liked, commented AND pinned! Would love to win this gift set!!!! I have always had a horrible time with my skin. I can never seem to find a product that works with it! This giveaway would be perfect!

    Lindsay Nielsen

  5. I followed, commented and pinned! These seriously look like nice products.

    Kanani Wilkinson

  6. I would like to try their exfoliants.

    Martha Mendez

  7. Vicki Neulinger11/21/2012

    I follow Phytomer on Twitter (@vickeigh), like on FB and receive your emails. My friend works at a spa that utilizes Phytomer products. Love love the Phytomer slimming wrap treatment. The Toning Body Scrub in awesome!

    Vicki Neulinger

  8. I've enjoyed all of the Phytomer products for face and body, but one of my favorites is their Rosee cleanses and tones and is a great way to refresh hot sticky summer-skin chilled...

  9. Tricia Faust11/21/2012

    I Love Love Love Phytomer Product's!!!! Face & Body!!! They Are Fabulous!!! They Hydrate The Skin Very Well With Out Any Heavy Feeling!!! The Body Product's Are Untouchable!!!! My Go To Phytomer Product Is Rosee Visage!!! I Can't Live With Out It...Nothing Like It!!!!

  10. I'm slightly obsessed with Phytomer. I all the products, I use hydracontiune. And would love some Vegetal Exfoliant! Posted on fb page too thanks! (lili lee on facebook!)

  11. Katy Stangel11/21/2012

    I love exfoliaters and moisturizers! Phytomer is amazing.

  12. Followed, liked and commented what i would like to try, also pinned!!! :) i would really love to win these look great!

    Allison Andrews

  13. I have tried SO MANY facial cleansers!! I would love to try something new! Followed, Liked, Commented AND Pinned!!

  14. I follow them on twitter. @dezroute
    I haven't tried them before but have been on the hunt for a perfect moisturizer, so I'd love to try the HYDRA ORIGINAL Thirst-Relief Melting Cream. And I like them on FB. (Dezi A)
    I follow your blog. (The Allen Family)
    Dezi Allen
    Pinned the giveaway

  15. hope i win! i've been looking to try new skin care products. i've followed on twitter and liked on fb and follow you of course :)

    jessica oakes

  16. Joined Twitter and followed Phytomer, as well as you! Liked on Facebook and commented on the product I can't wait to try! Of course I already follow your blog and pinned this giveaway to Pinterest! Thanks for another giveaway!

    Laura Aliferis

  17. Ashley Jansen. Followed on Twitter. Liked on Facebook and commented on the product I'd like to try (3in1 make-up remover). Not on Pinterest so bummer I won't get a second entry. Already follow your blog via email. Fingers crossed!!

  18. Did all the steps and pinned it on pinterest. Love all the awesome giveaways you do!
    Mickell Summerhays

  19. I followed phytomer on twitter, liked them on FB, commented and follow your blog. Would love to try these products. Always looking for a skincare routine that suits my sensitive skin. or

  20. Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, YouTube... oh my!! LOL
    I miss being able to afford Phytomer products for my daily skin care routine. All of their products are great. I love the Cleansing Milk and the Rosee Visage. I loved using the Rosee Visage on cotton pads, on my tired eyes... great way to relax.
    I repinned the contest on Pinterest. I'd also like to say how excited I am about the YouTube channel!!

    Jennifer Tassoni

  21. Twitter - @mochi2114
    FB - Aqua Chen
    Pinterest - @mochi2114 (Alice Wu)

    I would love to try all of these products, but especially the Hydra Thirst-Relief Melting Cream since my skin tends to be dry. Thanks for the giveaways!
    - Alice Wu

  22. Followed on twitter, liked on Facebook, I follow your blog, and I pinned on Pinterest. I would love to try the Phytomer Lip Plumping Duo. It looks great! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    Stephanie Mersmann

  23. All steps done! I've used the Vegetal Exfoliant, it's amazing! Would love to try more Phytomer products, have always heard great things.

    Kaitlyn McAlarney

  24. I did all the steps! I would love to try the lip plumping duo! Thanks for the opportunity! I love your blog.

    -Shannon Ostler

  25. Sophie Sieck (Seek on Facebook) I would love to try these products, they look amazing! I also pinned to Pinterest!


  26. Followed, liked, commented and pinned! I would absolutely love to try our this set. Thank you for all the giveaways!

    Kristina Powers

  27. This would be amazing, especially for the winter! I'd love to try this out and it would make my skin oh so happy :)


  28. Everything done, including the Pinterest bonus! thanks :)
    Marta Monedero

  29. Anonymous11/27/2012

    These products look amazing!
    Kaitlyn Harris

  30. Tina Tunnell
    Followed, liked, commented and pinned! I would absolutely love to try our this set.

  31. Followed, liked, commented, and pinned :D I would love to try their Hydra Original Thirst-Relief Melting Cream. I know that dryness is what causes rough and aged skin, and I would love to feel the effects of this cream for "plumping" skin and completely hydrating!

  32. Anonymous11/27/2012

    Followed on Twitter and email, liked on Facebook and pinned on Pinterest! I would love to use to Intensive Lip and Eye care. My lips are always chapped and peeling!

    Addy Naccarato

  33. Phytomer skin care giveaway is given here. Know all about it

  34. Thanks for the review! This product sounds amazing, currently I'm using their cleanser (the milk-type one) and Beauty Elixir, and am thinking of trying more items from the brand as the ones I'm using are really good.
    obagi skin care products

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  39. I want to try the Microfoliant Exfoliator but I can't justify the price tag to myself yet. If it was between £20 - £30 I'd maybe consider it but £38.50 is just too much for me right now. It's a shame as it looks and sounds like such a great product.
    skin care.

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