Clip-In Bangs: Yay or Nay?

November 16, 2012
The pursuit of perfect bangs is something we have all experienced at some point or another.  Can't we all just have the bangs we want?!  Truthfully, some of us will never have the bangs we long for because we don't have the right hair type.  That's why clip-in bangs can be a great option. 

Surprise, surprise!  These cute bangs are clip-ins.  
You'd never guess, right?

But at the same time, these bangs are also clip-ins, and in my opinion you can TOTALLY tell.
The reason being, they are the wrong color!  

If you are thinking about exploring the world of clip-in bangs, consider these tips to help make them look more believable:

1.  Make sure they match.  Any difference in color will be extremely noticeable.

2.  Have your stylist shape them a little.  Most clip-in bangs will be pretty generic, so having your stylist tailor them to your face shape will make them look more natural and flattering.

3.  Avoid clipping them in silky smooth hair.  Second day hair will grip the extensions better, lowering the chance of them slipping out.  You can also try using a volumizing product first, such as Big Sexy Hair Powder Play.

4.  Once you clip in your bangs, push some of your own hair forward and over the clip-ins to help them blend.     

5.  If they aren't blending well, spray a tinted dry shampoo where the extensions meet your real hair.

6.  You can also try disguising the clips with a head scarf, braid (like I did in the picture above), sunglasses, headband, or any kind of hair accessory.  If you don't have enough hair to blend with them, this might be an easier option. 

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