Fall Hair Trend #3: High Bun

October 18, 2012
Here is the third of four Fall Bridal Hair Trend posts I will be sharing this week.  I created these looks for a project with Ciara Richardson Photography.  Here are one and two in case you missed them.

Fall Bridal Hair Trend #3:  High Bun
This hairstyle is for brides who want a feminine, classic look.  It's very Audrey Heburn.  Start by putting the hair in a high ponytail, leaving out the fringe and a small section on the side for a braid. Proceed to backcomb the ponytail and form it into a high bun, securing with bobby pins. After the bun is secure, take the small section of hair that was left out and braid it across the top of the head, resting it on the part line of her fringe.