Fall Hair Trend #1: Faux Bob

October 15, 2012
Today is an extra fun day because I get to reveal the first of four Fall Bridal Hair Trend styles I created for a project with Ciara Richardson (you may have seen our Spring Bridal Hair Trend posts earlier this year).  Enjoy!

Fall Bridal Hair Trend #1:  Faux Bob
There were a lot of faux bobs on the fall 2012 bridal runways.  I picture this look on a modern bride, someone who isn't afraid to step out of the ordinary updo and try something unique.   I started by loosely curling the hair with a GHD professional styler, then backcombing all of the hair. Next, I took medium-sized sections and rolled the hair up and under, pinning it section by section at the nape. I made sure to keep the top sections soft and flowing to make the faux bob look more believable

Check back  tomorrow for trend #2!

What I used: