What's in my Makeup Kit

June 1, 2012

Recently I've had a few people asking me for a breakdown of what I keep in my makeup kit.  Instead of going through my WHOLE kit, which could take a lifetime, I decided to just share my makeup kit essentials with you.  Here are the things I can't live without!


1.  MAC tweezers - These tweezers can get out even the tiniest of hairs.  I use them for tweezing as well as applying fake eyelashes.  They are my favorite!  You can get them here. 

2.  MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush -  This is the ultimate buffing/blending brush for foundation.  You can use it to actually apply your foundation or you can use it afterwards to blend your foundation.  It works with liquid, cream and powder and will make your foundation look so natural.  You can get it here. 

3.  266 Small Angle Brush - I use this brush to fill in brows and to do eyeliner.  Applying your eyeliner/filling your brows with a brush instead of a pencil is a lot easier for me.  I've found that it looks more natural.  You can get it here. 

4.  275 Medium Angled Shading Brush - This brush has a slight angle to it, making it perfect for contouring the eye.  It's so much easier to use this in the crease of your eye instead of a fluffier, basic eyeshadow brush.  You can get it here.

5.  213 Fluff Brush - This is the eyeshadow brush I use the most.  It's basic and versatile.  You can get it here. 


1.  Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone - If you feel like you have big pores, a lot of blemishes, or like your foundation doesn't go on evenly, this is for you!  I love this stuff.  This is a primer primarily used in the T-zone.  It will fill in your pores and even out your skins texture making your foundation go on really smooth and stay on a lot longer.  You can get it here. 

2.  Eyeshadow - I have a million different eyeshadow colors, and most of them are MAC.  Some of my favorites are Motif, Satin Taupe, Sketch, Carbon, Embark and Brown Script.  You can browse through MAC's shadows here. 

3.  Paint Pot - MAC's paint pots are awesome.  They act as a primer for your eyeshadow while evening out the skin tone on your eyelids at the same time.  My favorite color is Painterly, and you can get it here.  This will make your eyeshadow stay on all day! 

4.  Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder - Once again, I love this stuff!  It goes on translucent so it works with all skin types.  This will keep your foundation looking fresh and matte all day.  I also use it after I finish my eyeshadow to help prevent creasing.  You can get it here. 

5.  MAC Bronzing Powder - I love MAC's bronzing powder, especially in matte.  I use it for bronzing and contouring.  You can get it here.

6.  Blush - MAC has a lot of different blushes that I like.  If you like a matte blush, my favorites are definitely Blushbaby and Peaches.  If you want something with shimmer, try the mineralize blush,   Cheeky Bronze or Warm Soul.  Shop MAC's blushes here.

7.  Fluid Line - If you haven't tried MAC's fluid line eyeliner, you must!  Blacktrack is what I use, but they have a lot of different colors.  It looks crisp like liquid but is a lot easier to put on.  Once it dries, it won't move all day.  Before it dries you can smudge it to make a smokey eye.  You can get it here.

8.  Foundation -  I always use MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 on my brides.  You can get it here.

9.  Concealer - I have really bad dark circles under my eyes, and the two concealers I've found that work the best are MAC Select Moisturecover and MAC Studio Finish Concealer.     

10.  Lipstick  - My favorite red lipstick is Ruby Woo, favorite nude is Myth, favorite coral is See Sheer and favorite soft pink is Creme Cup.  Shop MAC's lipsticks here.

Hope this helps!