April 27, 2012

Video Tutorial: Waterfall Twist

  A few weeks ago I posted this picture of a half updo I did on my friend Ciara:

You can see her pictures here.
I received a lot of emails asking how to do this hairstyle, so I decided to create a video tutorial for it.
I created this tutorial for Latest-Hairstyles.com.  If you want to read a step by step instead of watching the video you can find one on their website.


  1. love this!
    simple summer hair

  2. woman! thank for sharing this here. you have NO idea how impeccable your timing is. no lie, i was asked by one of Daisy's friends to do this waterfall braid for her for prom in a couple weeks. i've been freaking out cause a) i have to learn it & b) i have to be proficient enough in it for it to last her all night long! oy. have been nervous. so your post is an answer to some prayers. thank you thank you thank you! ::hugs::

    p.s. uber congrats on winning KSL's 2012 best of creds! ::double-hugs::

  3. Love this! So pretty. And I always love listening to that music. :)

    The Rich Style

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! A bridesmaid just asked me to do her hair this way. You are amazing!!!!

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