How To: Voluminous Waves

April 6, 2012
1.  Section out the top half of your hair and clip it aside for later.  Spritz the bottom half lightly with hairspray.  I am using Kenra Volume Spray 25
2.  Using a 1 1/2" curling iron, curl the bottom half of your hair away from your face.

3.  This is what mine looks like after I curl it.  I curl the bottom half pretty loose to preserve the length and help it lay better once it's all curled.  
4.  Let down the top section.  This time spray each section individually before you curl it to make sure every section gets a good amount of hairspray.   

5.   Continue to curl your hair away from your face, curling directly up and back on the very top.
6.   Crispy curls!  If anyone is considering just leaving it like this, I forbid it.   This step is important though, using a lot of hairspray is what will give you a lot of body. 

 7.  Using a brush or a comb, brush out your curls, brushing back and away from your face.  If you used a really stiff hairspray, this will be impossible!  I recommend using Kenra or another flexible hold hairspray.

The result?  Soft with a lot of movable volume.