How To: Twist Braid

April 30, 2012
1.  Decide how big of a section you want for your twist braid, then clip everything else aside for later.
2.  Backcomb the entire section.

3.  After it's backcombed use the comb to smooth down the top layer so it doesn't look ratted.
4.  Start by taking a thin section (about 1/4 inch) off of your part and splitting it in half.

5.  Twist the front half over the back half, so the back half is now in front. 
6.  Take another thin section (just like the first one) and add it to the front piece.

7.  Now just repeat the last two steps for the remainder of the twist braid - twist the front piece over the back piece, add a new thin section of hair to the front piece, twist it over the back piece, etc. 
8.  Secure it by putting bobby pins up and inwards in the end of the braid. 



  1. beautiful! another great tutorial! thank you!

  2. I love it! What is that thing you're using to backcomb with?

  3. Love thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my word, this is so, so pretty! And so easy!

  5. Can you show us more in details how you pin your twist of everything else without showing the bobby pins ? I'm trying to do it the way you do with the picture but I can't place the second bobby pin without showing.

    And thanks a lot for the Twist tutorial, it helped me a lot ! :)

  6. Good unique hairstyle, this kind of hairstyle will suit along with bridal wear...

  7. Love step-by-step. It's cute!

  8. Just came across your blog! Love it!

  9. I just spotted this tutorial and can't wait to use this to get my bangs out of my face! Had to give you a shout out on my blog, but definitely linked back to your post. Thanks for the great tip!!

  10. That is gorgeous x x x

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