2012 Bridal Trends: #4

April 14, 2012
Here is the fourth and final look I created for Latest-Hairstyles.  Here are one, two and three in case you missed them.

2012 bridal hair trend #4:  Boho
Boho is in full swing!  Braids, twists and beachy texture are very trendy right now for brides. 

2012 bridal makeup trend #4:  Defined brows
Having defined brows will freshen up your whole look.  Clean and polished brows look great on any face and with every type of makeup.

Photography by Ciara Richardson
Hair accessories by Ily Couture


  1. Love this...what type of lashes are these? They looked fabulously long!

  2. I would love to know which lashes you use as well - they are gorgeous and look natural in most photos!

  3. Beautiful hairstyles specially very photography done due to which it seems little extraordinary any ways good work done!!


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