How To: Twist Braid

April 30, 2012
1.  Decide how big of a section you want for your twist braid, then clip everything else aside for later.
2.  Backcomb the entire section.

3.  After it's backcombed use the comb to smooth down the top layer so it doesn't look ratted.
4.  Start by taking a thin section (about 1/4 inch) off of your part and splitting it in half.

5.  Twist the front half over the back half, so the back half is now in front. 
6.  Take another thin section (just like the first one) and add it to the front piece.

7.  Now just repeat the last two steps for the remainder of the twist braid - twist the front piece over the back piece, add a new thin section of hair to the front piece, twist it over the back piece, etc. 
8.  Secure it by putting bobby pins up and inwards in the end of the braid. 


Video Tutorial: Waterfall Twist

April 27, 2012
  A few weeks ago I posted this picture of a half updo I did on my friend Ciara:

You can see her pictures here.
I received a lot of emails asking how to do this hairstyle, so I decided to create a video tutorial for it.
I created this tutorial for  If you want to read a step by step instead of watching the video you can find one on their website.

Styling Ideas for Short Hair

April 26, 2012
It's easy to get stuck in a hair rut, especially if your hair is short.  Here are a few ideas to help you switch up your look if you have short hair.  

Visit my short hair wedding inspiration page for some updo and formal ideas.

Here are five cute styling options for short hair: 

1.  Side sweep it

2.  Pin it half up

3.  Wear an accessory

4.   Tuck up the back

5.  Braid/pin a few pieces

The three updos below are from via Katherine Ross.  I love these updo ideas for short hair, they are so creative!  Visit Latest-Hairstyles for step by steps for each one. 


April 25, 2012
 Victoria is so lovely, and so nice too!  Hair and makeup by Steph, photography by Brooke Bakken

 Thanks again to Brooke Bakken for the pics!


April 24, 2012
Who didn't dream of being Cinderella when they were young?  Or of having a Cinderella wedding?  Cinderella is our next princess in the Princess Project series, complete with a prince!  Be sure to check the bottom of the post for a list of the talented vendors involved, and check back next month for our next princess inspired bridal shoot.

Here is my behind the scenes shot of her hair:  


Lindsey Orton Photography

Lindsey Shaun Photography

photographers: lindsey shaun photography, lindsey orton photography
videographer: kale fitch
hair and makeup: hair and makeup by steph
wedding dress: marys bridal
floral: urban chateau

How To: Retro Curls

April 23, 2012
1.  Start by creating a deep side part.
2.  Starting off of your part, curl your hair forward using a 1" to 1 1/2" curling iron.

3.  Clip the curl in place while it cools down. 
4.  Proceed to curl all of your hair forward, clipping each curl in place.  After all of your hair is curled, let it sit for 15 minutes to set the curl in place. 
5.  Take out the clips.
6.  Use a paddle brush to brush through your hair, brushing in a backwards direction.

Six Make-up No-Nos

April 20, 2012
Women of the world, don't ever do these things!!!  

1.  Too much highlight on your brow bone
Instead of actually enhancing it, too much highlight on your brow bone will only make you look oily and shiny.

2.  Unnatural brows 
Whether they are too high, too thin or just a weird shape, don't wander down the path of unnatural brows. You can check out this post for help with brow grooming. 

3.  Miss matched foundation/concealor
Whether you are trying to make your dark circles look lighter or your face look tanner, don't try to fix your skin tone with mismatched foundation.  You won't fool anyone!

4.  Clumpy mascara
If you put on tons of mascara, people aren't going to think "wow her lashes are so long!"  Instead they are going to think "wow she has on tons of mascara!"  If you really want longer lashes, try Lilash or getting lash extensions instead.

5.  Makeup overload
A really heavy eye, with a full-on lip, with a face of full of foundation, plus bronzer and blush is only going to make you look like a drag queen.  Unless you are a drag queen, pick just one feature to enhance instead of your whole face.

Sorry X-Tina, for using your picture so many times.  It turns out you have quite a few makeup felonies.

6.  Unblended eyeshadow
The purpose of eyeshadow is to add depth to your eyes, and to enhance them.  If your eyeshadow isn't blended, it won't do either of those things, and you will look like a clown.