How To: Metallic Smokey Eye

March 19, 2012
I love a good metallic smokey eye.  The key to a metallic smokey eye is knowing where to apply the shimmer, and where to keep it matte.  If done right, it creates a really sultry look.  If done wrong, it will look like Snooki.  No offense, Snooki.

Step one:  Apply a neutral colored base coat or primer to the lid, from the lash line clear to the brow.  I am using Painterly by MAC. 

Step two:  Apply a shimmery color from the lash line up until you almost reach the crease, from inner corner to outer corner, covering the entire lid.  I am using Satin Taupe by MAC.  *Tip:  If you want your eyeshadow more vibrant, mix it with a drop of water before you apply it. 

Step three:  Apply a dark matte color in the crease, starting in the outer corner and fading in.  I am using Carbon by MAC.  *Tip:  It's important to keep the shimmer on the lid and the matte in the crease.  Applying shimmer in the crease will give your eye less dimension and make it look flatter. 

Step four:  Apply the same shimmery color across your lower lash line, from inner corner to outer corner.

Step five:  Apply black liner in the water line from inner corner to outer corner.  I am using Engraved by MAC.

Step six:  Finish with black mascara.