How to Incorporate Your Bangs into Your Wedding Hairstyle

March 16, 2012
The most important part of your wedding day hairstyle is the front, the hair that frames your face.  Obviously that's what the photographer will capture the most, so it's important not to neglect your bangs and fringe area.  But what should you do with your bangs?  Sometimes the wedding hairstyle you want doesn't work the type of bangs you have.  Luckily there are some things you can do to incorporate your bangs into your style.   

If you have short bangs:  
1.  If you are wearing your hair curly or wavy, make sure to add a little curl to your bangs.  Stick straight bangs won't flow as well with your hairstyle as softly curled bangs will. 

2.  If you want your to wear your bangs back, go for a soft, airy look.  The shorter length of the bangs will add extra body to the top.  Just make sure to use lots of hairspray!

3.  If you want to wear your bangs swept to the side, a trick I always use on brides is clear eyelash glue.  Style your bangs where you want them to lay, add a dot or two of eyelash glue to your forehead under your bangs and glue them in place.  It really works! (All of these brides have their bangs glued in place.)

4.  A small twist, braid, or pompadour is another cute way to keep short bangs in place.  

If you have long bangs: 
1.  Long bangs work really well if you want to wear your bangs all back.  Backcomb at the roots and add some wave for a really elegant look. 

2.  If you have no bangs at all, you might want to consider at least some layering around your face.  Soft layers around your face will add body and frame an updo really well. 

3.   If you want your bangs secure and out of the way, but still want them swept to the side, pin them loosely into your hair style.  It will give your bangs the side swept look while keeping them secure at the same time. 

4.  Long bangs can do pretty much any kind of braid or twist, so that's another great option.