Celebrity Wedding Hair Inspiration

March 7, 2012
We all know that celebrities are constantly getting their hair and makeup done.  They always look perfect when they're in front of the camera.  The only downside to that is that anytime time a celebrity gets married (or remarried), they look exactly the same as they always do!  Shouldn't we all look our absolute best on our wedding day?  Better than anyone has ever seen us look?  Well if you have your hair and makeup done every day, you're going to look exactly the same on your wedding day.  Poor celebs.  
Anyway, random rant.  Here are some of my favorite celebrity wedding styles:

Molly Sims and Hilary Duff - high bun.  Seriously love this look! 

Reese Witherspoon and Vanessa Minnillo - down and soft.  So different from the high bun, but still so pretty.

 Molly Malany and Carrie Underwood - soft updos.  Very classic and flattering.

Kim Kardashian and America Ferrera - sleek chignons.  Also very classic and elegant.  

LeAnn Rimes and Kate Moss - soft beach waves.  

And of course Kate Middleton.  Doesn't get more classic than a half updo with soft curls.  

Now lets hope at least one of these marriages lasts!