Controlling Your Cowlicks

February 25, 2012
If there is one complaint I hear the most from my clients, it's about their cowlicks!  I've had a lifetime of fighting with a cowlick in my bangs.  Nothing is worse than your bangs poking up or splitting down the middle.  Luckily there are a few things we can do to make controlling our cowlicks easier.

Cowlicks are definitely harder to deal with if you have bangs.    

If you have bangs:
-Go for a thicker bang or a longer bang to help control your cowlick and weigh it down.
-Once you wash your hair, blow dry your bangs immediately, or re-wet them before you blow dry.  The more sopping wet they are the better they are going to lay down. 
-When you blow dry, pull against your cowlick one way and blow dry for a few seconds, then pull and blow dry the opposite way for a few seconds. Switching it back and forth as you blow dry will help relax the hair, giving you more control when styling.   
-Try putting a styling gel just on your cowlick before you dry your hair. 
-After your hair is dry, pin your bangs flat while you do your makeup.  This will help them set in place.
-Try switching your bangs to the other side.  A stubborn cowlick can be a sign you're styling it opposite of the way it wants to go.  Sometimes all it needs is to be parted on the other side.  
-A little trick I have for my cowlick is clear brow gel.  Once your hair is styled just use the little mascara wand to flatten down your cowlick at your root.  Works like a charm! 

If you don't have bangs, let your cowlick be free! I've posted about cowlicks before.  The extra body a cowlick provides around your face is very flattering, but it's important to know how to style it so your hair doesn't just lay limp around your face.  

If you don't have bangs:
-Round brushing and root pump are KEY.  You don't have to round brush all of your hair, just at least round brush around your face.
-Apply root pump around your hair line.  Root pump will add more grit and hold, giving you body that will last all day.
-Round brush either up and forward or up and backwards.  Different directions work better on different people.  (I personally round brush up and backwards.  When I round brush them forward my hair falls in my face all day.) 
-Once it's dry, blow dry it on cool while it's still in the round brush to set the volume in place.  
-If you have bangs, cowlicks are a disaster if you let them air dry.  But without any bangs, cowlicks look great air dried.  Try letting your hair dry overnight to see what your cowlick does.   Chances are it will have a lot of lift!  
-Check out this post for pictures of awesome looking cowlicks to give you more styling ideas.