Be Mine

February 6, 2012
OK, let me just start by saying Ciara Richardson is SO amazingly talented.  I cannot get over what an amazing photographer she is!  Her and I did the Southern Belle shoot together last summer, and it's one of my favorites.  This shoot - Be Mine - is definitely one of my new favorites too.  
Ciara wanted to do a photo shoot for Valentines Day - complete with a beautiful gown, gorgeous couple, and a proposal.  The idea of the story was starts out with a couple spending time together when the boyfriend tells his cute girlfriend that he has a surprise for her.   He then takes her to a beautiful place  in the woods where he proposes to her.  SO cute. Ciara tells the story perfectly in these pictures.  
A big thank you to Mallory and Christopher for modeling for us.  I wish you guys could have seen them together!  Cutest couple ever.  I hope a real proposal is in their future ;).