How to Get Timeless Beauty

January 30, 2012
This past week I was over at my parents house and I came across their wedding album.  It was hilarious to see all of the corny pictures, and my dads mustache, but especially all of the RIDICULOUS hairstyles.  My parents got married in 1980, so you can imagine the type of hair that was going on.  In the midst of all the completely out of date and unflattering looks, there was this lady - 
That's my mom on the right, and although I think she looks lovely, you have to admit her bridesmaid looks amazing!  This picture was taken in 1980 and this girl could be from 2012 and still look amazing.  So, amazing lady from 1980, whoever you are, you inspired my blog post for today:  Timeless Beauty Looks.  Here are 5 beauty looks that have withstood and will continue to withstand the test of time. 

1.  Side Part - The side part is soft and flattering on any face shape.  

2.  Soft waves - Wearing soft waves is the perfect way to get the "I'm pretty without trying" look.

3.  Natural looking hair color - You don't have to actually wear your natural hair color, but when you color your hair try to stay within two levels of your natural color.  Chunks and stripes will come and go, but natural hair will always look good. 

4.  Cat eyeliner - No matter what decade you look to for style inspiration, cat eyeliner is there and always looks good. 

1.  Voluminous lashes - A good way to bring out your eyes is with long and voluminous lashes.  Big lashes look great on everyone.