January 26, 2012
All I can think to say is . . . most perfect looking couple ever!  
Hair and make-up by Steph, amazing photography by Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen.


Wedding Day:


  1. Camila Fuenzalida1/26/2012

    OH MY GOSH! I was there! And her hair was AMAZING!!!! awesome job Steph!!

  2. Camila Fuenzalida1/26/2012

    oh and speaking of her hair, what's your take on the veil covering the hair? I know it sounds silly but I always tend to think that it's a little unfair to the hair stylist who put so much effort into the brides hair just for it to be covered up by the veil. She looked great with the veil because Liz really knows how to capture great veil shots but would you have placed it differently?

    1. It's tough to say. Honestly it probably wouldn't have stayed in very well if she put it underneath. She has a little bit of a collar, plus a loose, low updo, and both of those things make it difficult to put the veil underneath and make it secure. I agree though, I always hope they don't just cover up everything I did :). This shoot is perfect though because they did some with the veil and some without!


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