1960's Housewife

December 12, 2011
One of my best friends from high school, Landon Drean, happens to be a phenomenal photographer.  A few weeks ago he asked me if I would do hair and make-up for his fashion photography final, and of course I said yes!  Working with Landon is so fun, not to mention his awesome photography skills!  
Since we had a lot of people on board - Landon, me, 2 models, a wardrobe stylist and an assistant, we decided to tackle it all in one day rather then trying to find multiple days when we were all available.  
Miraculously we pulled it off!  It only took 12 hours, 2 pizzas and a lot of good music. 
Be sure to check out Landon Drean Photography and the wardrobe stylist's blog Wearing It On My Sleeves.  
Thanks to Sarah McCammon for the behind the scenes shots.

Final Images-


  1. lovely! I like the updo best :)

  2. Please please please do a how-to on those pin curls! No matter what I do, i can't ever get mine to "stand up" like that. :(

  3. I knew I recognized these photos!! I worked with Landon at the time of this photo shoot. He showed them to me before he turned them in to his professor. So gorgeous!!! He is a very skilled photographer and you did an awesome job on the hair and makeup.

  4. Wow! This is true vintage Style! So lovely. And the girl reminds me of Rachel McAdams

  5. I sure hope you do more tutorials of vintage hair styles!
    I really, really love the 6th and 8th photos for hair-styles!


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