Trends I Love: Afro Curls

November 7, 2011
Don't you ever wish you had an afro?  Ok, maybe that's just me.  They are stylish, unique, and somehow increase a persons coolness factor.  I realize that not all of us are blessed with afro capable hair. . .all the more reason to envy and admire these glorious fros.


  1. These are gorgeous!! I am so jealous.

  2. Absolutely love it!!! I have a tiny one at the moment...but I'll get there.

  3. woah i'm freaking...jealous...i'm gonna copy and paste all of these to my computer PRONTO! and i'm not even an afro lovah normally, but these pics make me want NOW!
    what's crazy is i'm black but my hair won't afro out like that unless i do some serious manipulating to get it there lol


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