Cute Hair on the Go

October 11, 2011
 Everyone has mornings when they wake up late and have to rush out the door. 
I'm constantly looking for quick but stylish ways to do my hair, cause even if I'm running late, no one wants their hair stylist to have ugly hair :)
You know it's true. . .

Here are a few things that I like to do with my hair when I'm in a hurry - 

1.  Pin your bangs back
Most people's hair will get oily in the bangs first, so if the rest of your hair still feels and looks clean, just find a cute way to pin back your bangs. Here are some different ways-



2.  A messy knot
A messy knot is quick and easy, but also stylish.  Paired with a cute outfit, a messy knot can look a lot more time consuming and put together than it really is.  That's what's great about it!

4.  Wear a scarf
If you're anything like me, sometimes just throwing on a hat can make me feel grungy, like I just rolled out of bed.  A scarf, on the other hand, is just as quick, but makes me feel a lot more put together.

3.  Braid it
What makes a braid so easy and fast is that it doesn't matter if your hair is straight or wavy when you wake up, either way it will look cute in a braid.  Braid it down one side, french braid it, braid it and tuck it up in a knot, braid it down the back. . .there are so many options!

5.  Stylish Pony Tail
If your hair is long enough, pulling your bangs straight back into a cute high pony is really easy and cute.  If you have shorter layers or bangs, pull the rest of your hair in a pony tail but leave out some pieces around your hairline.  Dress it up wrapping a strand of your hair around the elastic to disguise it.

Now hopefully you can feel stylish no matter how late you get up in the morning :)