How to Do Pretty Mascara

October 27, 2011
Let's be honest, at some point we've all been frightened by a random passer-by's pointy, spidery eyelashes.  Or maybe we've scared ourselves after catching a glimpse of our own lashes at the end of a long day.  
Let's put those bad lash days behind us! 
Here are a few tips to help freshen up your mascara routine.  

1.  Always start at the base of your lashes and work up.  This will create the most volume at the base, making your lashes look fuller and creating less clumps.  
2.  When you do your eyeshadow, some of it will most likely fall onto your lashes, making them look powdery on top.  Once you've applied your mascara, close your eyes and do a few swipes on the top of your lashes to darken them.
3.  Rather then pumping your mascara wand in and out of the tube (which will make it dry out faster), put the wand in the tube and twist it around instead.  You'll get more use out of one tube.
4.  DON'T apply more mascara after it's already dry, this will only make them clumpy.  When applying, if you are going to do more than one coat, do each coat while your lashes are still wet.  If you like to freshen up your mascara throughout the day, wet your fingers and use them to wet your lashes a little bit before you apply another coat.  This will make them pliable and help avoid clumping and flaking. 
5.  To help separate your lashes, wiggle the mascara wand back and forth as you apply. 
6.  Rather then buying a mascara the lengthens AND creates volume, buy two separate mascaras - one that lengthens, and one that creates volume - and use them both each time you apply.  Mascaras designed to do one specific thing (lengthen OR create volume) usually work a lot better than mascaras that claim to do both.
7.  If you have a problem with your mascara smudging, try only putting mascara on your tops lashes, or putting a setting powder under your eyes to keep things dry.  If all else fails, try a waterproof mascara.
8.  Most importantly, don't feel bad if your lashes don't look like this - 

Don't let Kim fool you.  They are definitely fake! 

Hope this helps!

Lisa - Bridals

October 26, 2011
Here are the bridals for my Colorado bride Lisa.  She is stunning, and so is her dress!  Those are real leaves in her dress, how awesome is that?  I will post pics from her wedding soon!
Photos by Julie Parker.


October 25, 2011
Congrats McCall!  You are gorgeous!
Hair and make-up by Steph, photos by Blush Photography.  

How to Do the The Gibson Tuck

October 18, 2011
Oh so cute, and oh so easy!  

 This hairstyle works best if you don't have really long or really thick hair.  

See a step by step here -

A Thought About My Job

October 11, 2011
As most of you know, I work full time as a hair stylist and make-up artist.  
The truth is, I love my job.  I love it a lot, abnormally a lot.  
I've thought about it many times, why do I love my job so much?  What is it about doing hair and make-up that makes me SO happy?!  It just seems weird that some one could love doing hair so much, it's not like I'm saving lives or anything here! 
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do hair and make-up for a photographer/friend Camilla Binks for her family pictures.  Camilla offers a photography package called a Play Session, and basically it's a session all about playing dress up for no reason at all, just because you want to.  Hair, make-up, styling, and pictures solely for the purpose of making you look FABULOUS.  
While doing Camilla's hair, I asked her about how she came up with this idea of a Play Session, and her answer described exactly why I love my job so much.  
 She said -

"When I was growing up,  I'd always look at the models and celebrities in magazines and think why don't I look like them?  Why do we have to look at pictures of beautiful people every day and feel bad that we don't look like them?  If we have to look at celebrities in magazines our whole lives who have been styled, airbrushed, photoshopped, pinned, tucked and turned so they look unbelievably good, 
then we deserve to feel and look like that for once too.   
I created the Play Session to help people feel beautiful, because they are!"  

Now, Camilla is GORGEOUS, so you would never think that she would compare herself to celebrities like everyone else does.  But it's true, we all want to feel beautiful and we all deserve to.  

That's the answer to why I love my job so much, because everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and I get to be a part of that process every day.   Who doesn't want to feel like a total babe?  I love that I can help some one else feel that way, and feel better about themselves.  That's what makes my job so rewarding.

Cute Hair on the Go

 Everyone has mornings when they wake up late and have to rush out the door. 
I'm constantly looking for quick but stylish ways to do my hair, cause even if I'm running late, no one wants their hair stylist to have ugly hair :)
You know it's true. . .

Here are a few things that I like to do with my hair when I'm in a hurry - 

1.  Pin your bangs back
Most people's hair will get oily in the bangs first, so if the rest of your hair still feels and looks clean, just find a cute way to pin back your bangs. Here are some different ways-



2.  A messy knot
A messy knot is quick and easy, but also stylish.  Paired with a cute outfit, a messy knot can look a lot more time consuming and put together than it really is.  That's what's great about it!

4.  Wear a scarf
If you're anything like me, sometimes just throwing on a hat can make me feel grungy, like I just rolled out of bed.  A scarf, on the other hand, is just as quick, but makes me feel a lot more put together.

3.  Braid it
What makes a braid so easy and fast is that it doesn't matter if your hair is straight or wavy when you wake up, either way it will look cute in a braid.  Braid it down one side, french braid it, braid it and tuck it up in a knot, braid it down the back. . .there are so many options!

5.  Stylish Pony Tail
If your hair is long enough, pulling your bangs straight back into a cute high pony is really easy and cute.  If you have shorter layers or bangs, pull the rest of your hair in a pony tail but leave out some pieces around your hairline.  Dress it up wrapping a strand of your hair around the elastic to disguise it.

Now hopefully you can feel stylish no matter how late you get up in the morning :)