Five Ways to Update Your Look

September 7, 2011
If you're anything like me, every now and then you get stuck in a style rut.   I'll do the same thing with my hair and make-up day after day for months, and eventually I start thinking to myself 
"Oh dear, am I going to be like those people who are stuck in the 1980's, only I'll be stuck in the 2000's?"  
If that ever happens to me, please tell me. 

Luckily for us, you can update your style with a few simple adjustments.  Here are five ideas to help you on your way- 

1.  Switch up your liner
There are endless possibilities when it comes to eye liner.  Changing how you do your liner can change your whole look.

 Line only the bottom, shadow on top.
Line only the top.
Line with a dark shadow instead for a smokey eye look.
Try a cat eye.
Line only the water line, shadow on top and bottom.
No liner at all.

2.  Tone down your two-toned hair
Hair color right now is all about looking natural.  Highlights and lowlights are always a good choice, but having black hair with really blonde highlights is outdated. 

 3.  Show off your natural texture.
Once again, natural is the way to go.  Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, thick or thin, instead of fighting it try just putting some product in it and letting it air dry.


4.  Try a lip color
I myself am guilty of never putting anything on my lips except chapstick.  If you're not ready for fire engine red or hot pink, wear a softer shade. Finishing off your make-up application with a lip color will really complete your look. 


Hot pink
Soft pink




5.  Switch your part
And don't just switch it once, switch it all the time.  Whenever I get start to get bored with my hair, I change my part.  It's an easy way to get a new look.

Middle part
With some body
 No part
Off to one side

Good luck, and have fun with your new look!


  1. love this post!!!

  2. You don't know me, but I love your blog (found you through Lindsey Shaun) I love to shake it up now and again by putting liner on the water line, but it comes off so quickly. How do you get liner to stay on the water line? Toni :)

  3. I've found it just depends on the liner you are using. Cheap liner doesn't stay on that well, but nice liner will last a long time. My favorites are MAC fluidline and MAC eye kohl :)

  4. Love this one, thanks.

  5. Elizabeth3/08/2012

    I love this! I am in that rut of wanting a new look but don't want to spend a whole lot of money. ;) Thanks for the tips!

  6. Totally love this post! Thanks for sahring! :)

  7. How do you get your hair to have no part? I have a somewhat deep side part and I've been trying to get my hair to not part so it will look pretty much exactly like that picture, but it never works.

    1. It works best if you have no bangs at all. I usually just apply mousse and blow dry it upside down with no part, that way it just falls from side to side all day.

  8. super buenas ideas!! dejo mi blog es = de peinados y asi belleza en gral

  9. Great ideas Steph, its hard to think of something new everyday, especially if you have a certain attire to conform too. These are really simple and can easily be done... great post

  10. These ideas are so good! I'm in love with your blog it's helped me out so much! Could you please do a post on how to look good with no eyeliner, just mascara, and also on how to create a "no part" look like the one Kristen Stewart has in that picture? That'd be awesome!

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  12. Nice and refreshing! :D

  13. Anyone know where to find that orange head wrap?


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