Circus Chic Photo Shoot

September 30, 2011
A few weeks ago I posted photos of the Ring Leader from the Circus Chic photo shoot I participated in and I promised the rest of the photos would be up soon.  
Well here they are!  
This photo shoot was put together by Amanda with Branches Event Floral and Mollie with Polka Dots and Daisies.  Amanda and Mollie wanted to create a environment where a select group of photographers could come and have a photographers play date.  The backdrops, props, styled models, everything was set up and provided for the photographers, all they had to do was show up and HAVE FUN!
The concept for the shoot was a bride and groom having a circus wedding, with all of their guests being crazy, eclectic circus people.  I did hair and make-up for the ring leader and the bride, while 2 other stylists did hair and make-up for the rest of the models.  The look I created for the ring leader was fierce, bold and dramatic, just like a ring leader would be.  We wanted there to be a stark contrast between the circus people and the bride, so while everyone else looked crazy and over the top, the look I did on the bride was classic, simple, elegant and timeless.
It was a lot fun to work with the other stylists,  and with Amanda, Mollie and the different photographers.  It's awesome to see how it all came together! 
Thanks Amanda and Mollie for including me in this!    

Aria Photography

Julie Parker Photography

Lindsey Shaun Photography

Camilla Binks Photography


Photoshoot Concept and Designs by– Amanda Schelin of Branches Floral Design and Mollie Openshaw of Polka Dots and Daisies ( (
Flowers– Amanda Schelin of Branches Floral Design (
Invitations, paper products, favors & soda bottles– Mollie Openshaw of Polka Dots & Daisies (
Wedding Gowns and Veil- Gateway Bridal & Prom (
Ice Cream & Cookies– Scoopology (
Wedding Cake– Cake Dame (
Rental Contributor- Alpine Event Rentals- Large Wood Table, Benches and Lanterns (
Hair & Make-Up for Bride and Ringmaster– Hair & Make-Up by Steph (
Hair & Make-Up for Blue Clown, Tight Roper Walker & Trapeze Artist, Hair for Red Clown — Versa Artistry (
Hair & Make-Up for Yellow Clown and Mime, Make-Up for Red Clown — Signature Brides (

Stephanie Mabey

September 21, 2011
Last week I had the opportunity to do hair and make-up for Stephanie Mabey's next album cover.  Stephanie was so fun to work with and such a cool person!  I mean, she plays the Omnichord.  How cool is that?  Plus she is in love with Jonsi like I am.  Now that's a good human being!  You can listen to her music here.  
Thanks to Julie Parker and Wren Gracyn Photography for the beautiful pictures! 

The Braid Breakdown

September 19, 2011
Everyone knows it, braids are in style.  
If you have ever done a braid and thought "Why doesn't my braid look like her braid?  How do I get it to look like that?" Then this braid breakdown is for you :) 

1.  The french braid
This is the braid most people know how to do.  Three pieces, outside pieces alternate going OVER the inside piece, adding new hair to each outside piece as you go.
image source - love magean
image on right source - Blossom and Glow

2.  The inverted french braid
This is exactly like the basic french braid, except the outside pieces alternate going UNDER the inside piece, still adding new hair to the outside pieces as you go.  The simple change creates a totally different look.

3.  The fishtail braid
This braid is created by dividing the hair in 2 sections, then alternating a small piece of hair from one side to the other.   The smaller the piece, the more it will look like a fishtail.  This how-to might be helpful -

 4.  The twist braid
The twist braid is created with two sections as well.  To start, take two pieces and twist one over the other.  Add a piece of hair to the bottom section, and twist again.  Here is another helpful how-to-

5.  The waterfall braid
This braid might look complicated, but it's actually pretty simple!   As you french braid, add new hair to the top section, then drop the hair of the bottom section out, picking up new hair in it's place.  You can also do this with a twist instead of a braid.
This video will explain it a lot better than I can -

Image on left - love maegan

6.  The one sided braid
The one sided braid is just like the french braid,  but gathers new hair only from one side.
Image on right- the Beauty Department

There are several other varieties of braids, but those are the basics.
Happy braiding!