Photo Shoot Giveaway

August 16, 2011
Yes, it's true.  This will be my last giveaway of the year, so enter while you can! 

This time around I have teamed up with the amazingly talented photographer Ciara Richardson
Together we are giving you the chance to win free hair and make-up along with free pictures of YOUR choice.

Free engagements, bridals, family photos, maternity pictures, a fashion photo shoot, anniversary pictures, senior pictures . . . anything you want.
You have nothing to lose and a super awesome giveaway to gain!

The winner will get their hair and make-up done by me, and then Ciara will take some ultra fab photos of them looking their very best. :):) 
It will be a blast and in the end you will have some gorgeous photos you will want to hang all over your house. 
Random winner will be announced Friday, August 26th.

We are so excited! 

How To Enter:
1. Like Ciara Richardson Photography and Hair and Make-up by Steph's facebook page.

2. Write on your wall expressing your uber excitement for entering this giveaway.  Be sure to tag us in your post!
ex. "so stoked, I just entered the photo session giveaway by #Ciara Richardson Photography and #Hair & Make-up by Steph, hope I win!"

3.  Comment on this blog why you want to win and what type of pictures you'd want taken

Good luck!!!


  1. I would love to win this... Anniversary pictures. My husband Hazen and I will celebrate our 5 th year this fall, perfect for pictures. :) you guys are awesome and teaming up perfect for some amaIng and fabulous photos, I hope we can be some of them!!! Char

  2. I would absolutely love to win a chance to get my hair and make-up done by you! AND a photo shoot by Ciara!? Yes please! How great!
    My husband and I were married 2 years ago and I sadly was not happy with the way my pictures, make-up, OR hair turned out :( It was all a big disaster!
    I would love to get some new pictures taken of me and the hubby! Something fun, and classy! Something I'd ACTUALLY love to hang and show off in the living room!

  3. How fun! If I won, I would love to do a retro holiday shoot with my boyfriend. We don't do Christmas cards, since his family is Christian, but mine is Jewish, but last year, I really felt like we missed out! I thought maybe doing something fun and retro-y with a new years feel would be perfect for this year. It would be wonderful if you could help make that happen!

  4. i liked both Ciara Richardson Photography AND Hair & Make-up by Steph on facebook! i will SOOOOO drive down from washington for this. :) the chance to have you make me beautimous and to have some gorgeous photos taken of me. that would be wonderful. haven't had my own portraits done in forever.
    ::fingers crossed::
    BTW, my word verification was "pleed"... so here's me PLEEDING to win. ;)

  5. Shelby Chavez8/24/2011

    Wait lol a didn't know we were suppose to comment your blog too lol. I want to win because I'm just so stressed out. Plans for the wedding keep changing and I've had to change the date and where it is like fifty times. It's hard when your fiancé and your mother want different things and I'm in the middle. How about I get what I want and look pretty and help save money. Anything will help with a honeymoon if we even have one?!?

  6. I hope you haven't picked someone for the giveaway yet, because I REALLY need a pick-me-up!! :)

    I would love to win this makeover because I have been married for a few years and had my first baby in March of this year. (YAY!) Unfortunately, she was born two months early and it has been really difficult on our little family to see her struggle for those first few months. She is finally doing really well, growing and gaining weight, she even sleeps through the night sometimes :)

    I have been putting a lot of love, time, and effort into caring for my amazing husband and sweet baby girl, and I am finally starting to get the hang of it, but would be so thankful if I was able to win this giveaway! It would give me some time just for me, no baby poop, no cooking or cleaning,no worrying, just some time to receive some well needed (and possibly deserved) pampering! Don't get me wrong, I love taking care of my family, but it would be so nice to be able to take some fun-stress free "me" time!


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