Trends I Love: Cowlicks are in

July 11, 2011
I remember when I was younger trying to fight the cowlick in my bangs every day and thinking "if cowlicks ever come back in style, I will be so happy".  The time of the cowlick has come!
Rather than fighting it and trying to smash it flat all the time, let it do what it wants to. You can even round brush it for extra body.
This style works best on hair with long to no bangs.


  1. i have a cowlick :/

  2. I have always had a hate relationship with my cowlick, maybe now I can have a love-hate relationship! hahah

  3. OMG, this look may be the beginnings of The Return of the Mall Bangs! I know everything 80's/90's is cool again but PLEASE no mall bangs.

  4. if my hair would do this i would be so happy


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