How to Rock a Middle Part

April 8, 2011
Oh the middle part.
We have a love/hate relationship.  Mostly love though.  Honestly, the middle part isn't for everyone, but if it's done right it can be extremely pretty and flattering.  So here are a few tips to help you rock your middle part-

Tip #1. If you have bangs, I recommend growing them to at least the bottom of your eye before you try a middle part.  Once they've grown out a little, round brush them slightly so the ends curl back into your hair. This will cause your bangs to brush your cheek bones slightly, accentuating them.

Tips #2. You don't have to part it exactly in the middle, perfectly straight, and all the way to the back of your head.  The might look good on the runway, but I know I can't pull that look off.
Instead try parting it a little uneven.  Use your finger to part it instead of a comb, or flip it upside down and dry it without a part, letting it fall naturally when it's dry.

Tip #3. If you're going to wear it straight, a middle part will look sleek and slimming IF your layers are soft and long (not short and choppy).

Tip #4. If you're going to wear it wavy, softly curl it away from your face, starting the wave at eye level or lower.   

Happy middle parting!

Shailey's Bridals

April 4, 2011
Shailey is great, and she has great hair. The type of hair that is SO easy to work with and will do anything I want it to :). That's why I was so happy when she sat down in my chair and basically said "yeah. . .do whatever you want". Love it when that happens! Thanks to Peter Loosli for the pics.