Trends I love: Hair Color Melting

October 11, 2010
A huge trend right now with hair coloring is called color melting. Basically instead of applying highlights root to end like you normally would in foils, you blend the colors from dark at the roots to light at the ends. This can be done with just two colors or as many colors as you like. The highlights are placed in order to bring out facial features and brighten up your skin tone. The results are really natural and soft, the type of look that is worn by lots of celebrities right now. Color melting has been around for a while, but people still tend to shy away from it because they think that dark roots and light ends will make them look like they have "grow-out", when it all reality it just makes your color look more natural. Take a look at these pictures and see for yourself! Notice how all of them have dark roots and light ends, creating a really natural looking color. You would never get a "stripy" hair color with color melting!