September 20, 2010
A few weeks ago I put up the first of two photo shoots I got to do with Steven Hansen, and this one is the second! Yes. . . I crimped her hair, and I loved it. I don't know if I could ever pull off crimping my own hair and have it actually look good, but it looked great in this hairstyle! Thanks again to Steven Hansen for the pictures and to Krysti Francis for modeling for me :).

Trends I Love: No Bangs

September 3, 2010
I've decided to start posting about trends I am currently loving in the hair and make-up world. Now . . . I don't think I'm the most trendy person in the world. I try to be . . .and sometimes I fail. Nonetheless, the trends that I do recognize and love I want to share with you! The first thing I want to blog about is the no bang trend!! Don't get me wrong, bangs are cute, but I am loving the no bang look. I have a horrible cowlick in my bangs, so this trend works in my favor. Maybe that's why I like it :) Here are some lovely examples:
Too bad mine are currently at my eyebrow!