October 26, 2014

Winter Bridal Hair Webinar

It's time for another webinar with behindthechair.com!  You can register here.  

You'll Learn:
 Trends in Modern Vintage Looks, mastering vintage waves & pin curls.
 Quick and easy tips for creating modern updos.
 Sleek and glamorous updos like chignons, controlling volume, making sleek updos that are soft.
 2 new Step-by-Step techniques for these fall & winter styles:

See you there!

October 22, 2014

Two Day Atlanta Workshop

Last week I had the opportunity to teach two workshops in Atlanta to Zapien's Salon.  The students were all great to work with and I had a blast!  Thanks for having me guys!  Here are some pictures of the looks I created for the classes.  

August 27, 2014

Craig Burns Salon Spa Workshop

The sylists at Craig Burns Salon Spa in Delafield, WI were amazing to work with.  They were all so nice, eager to learn, friendly and talented.  Thanks again for having me out, guys!  Here are some pictures of the looks I taught during the class.