Redwoods II - Catherine

May 1, 2015
These two were just the greatest.  Their ceremony was one of the best I've been too, it had me tearing up, and that's saying something for me!  They chose the most beautiful location in the Redwood forest.  Everything about their wedding was picture perfect.  
Hair and makeup by Steph.
Photos by Diamond Eyes.

Braided Mohawk

April 27, 2015
This is a tutorial I made for   This is a hairstyle that works on not only long hair but medium length and shorter hair too.  Love her pink hair!

Get the steps below:

1 - Start with hair that is slightly wavy.
2 - Divide the hair into 4 sections - one on each side, the mohawk, and the back.
3 - Take down the mohawk and back sections and heavily backcomb all of the hair.
4 - Use your fingers and some spray wax to add texture to the hair.
5 -6- Starting at the hairline, do a french braid that goes down the back of the head.  Keep it loose in your hands so you don't loose the volume.
7-8 - Roll the end of the braid up and tuck it underneath to hide it.  Secure with bobby pins.
9 - Use your fingers to pull on sections of the braid, making it messy.  Add more spray wax if you want even more texture.
10 - Let down one side and do a normal three-strand braid going towards the back of the head.
11 - Wrap the hair low and tight around the back of the head.  S​​ecure the ends with bobby pins.
12 - Repeat on the opposite side.


April 16, 2015
Last month I taught my first class on stage in Chicago.  It was definitely a learning experience, but I loved it!  The models were amazing, and the students were great.  I loved getting to meet so many people.  

Kollin and I also get to spend some time in the city, as well as attend the Stylist Choice Awards where I got to present an award.  We had a great time in the city and at the Award Show.  Can't wait for the next one!

Tori - Editorial

April 14, 2015
I'll never pass up a chance to work with my good friends Tori and Ciara.
Photos by Ciara Richardson.